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10/12/2003 16:11:25   Guido Kooiker   In the near future I will be the proud (?) owner of a Saab 96 ('75 model). Can anyone recommend a good/cheap insurance company for this type of car?  
10/12/2003 16:40:59   Richard   Which country are you in?  
11/12/2003 08:28:00   Guido Kooiker   Don't let the name fool you: I am living in Wakefield.  
11/12/2003 08:30:01   Alec   We had an earlier discussion about this - see this thread  
11/12/2003 10:42:37   Guido Kooiker   Thanks Alec. I will check it out.  
11/12/2003 14:19:36   James Ayres   I used 'sureterm' you'll find them in calssic car mags. They did mine for 5k miles and for business use for less than 200 and it's not garaged, I also live in Liverpool.  
11/12/2003 15:06:53   ian   just changed my 2 stroke back to frizzels through csma...very good and no mileage restriction  
11/12/2003 15:37:21   jonny   I was very unhappy with sureterm, although they were cheap i found there service abysmal.

11/12/2003 16:20:15   James Ayres   Surprised to hear about bad service from sureterm, I have never had any problems!  
11/12/2003 16:42:52   Tom   Guido, i'm in Sheffield and i use Adrian Flux Insurance based in King's Lynn. Fully comp. is 140 restricted to 5,000 miles  
13/12/2003 11:07:20   Senor Burt   On this subject, how do people go on with insuring heavily modified SAABs?  
13/12/2003 18:11:46   john   My 96 has a 1740 with cam, stage 3 heads, fast exhaust, carb ,steel crank, metal timing gear, gas suspension, lowered springs, etc, I am 27 6 miles outside Edinburgh, for this performance direct are 198, limited to 5000 and parked on my drive, performance direct are advertising in a few classic mags now.

16/12/2003 08:08:07   Richard   I have my std V4 on a classic policy on the drive in Sheffield 25yrs old 77 per year full comp limited to 3000 miles.
The rally car (full works spec) is 150 in a garage near Worksop full comp.  
16/12/2003 16:33:26   Richard   Footman James 77 and Linbrook  
20/12/2003 15:46:35   David   I was with Heritage Classic (Norton) - 156 fully comp, car on drive, 5K miles (carry-over unused mileage), breakdown cover and free Green Card. I've also heard good things about Footman James (under 100) from another V4 owner.  
20/12/2003 17:58:13   Simon   I have found Footman & James most usefull as they can offer a single policy covering more than one vehicle - yeah super!!! ;)  

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