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11/12/2003 11:49:09   Senor   My 95 has been off the road since before thay brought in the continuous taxation/SORN system, so I don't have a SORN document. How would I go about acquiring a tax disc for it, when it eventually does go back on the road?  
11/12/2003 14:16:54   James Ayres   You go to the post office - one that does car tax - and they have the appropriate documents. Obviously you need insurance and mot certs. The whole visit will take 5 mins to complete.  
11/12/2003 17:09:10   chris   you cannot tax a car at the PO if the tax class needs to be changed. It has to go to a DVLC office  
11/12/2003 20:05:35   Simon   I re-taxed a SORN 96 today, PO were uninterested in this status. Just fill in appropriate box on V70 to say car has not been kept/used on public highway.  
12/12/2003 10:53:30   Senor   Yeah that's another thing. It's currently PLG and it needs to be changed to Historic or whatever the free tax thing is. But I suppose I need to change my log book for that.  
12/12/2003 12:21:12   James Ayres   If it's now tax exempt, ie 'historic', then yes you will have to send it off to the dvlc.  
12/12/2003 16:54:52   Alistair   What age is your 95 SB? Am I right in thinking it's a 71 car (so def. tax exempt) or is it later?

I've had quite a few people asking me to confirm their 73 registered cars were constructed in 72 and so are exempt from Road Fund Licence - just need to check the chassis number if this is of interest to anyone?
13/12/2003 11:05:56   Senor   Ya, is 71 on a J plate.  

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