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12/12/2003 18:26:11   Alec   Hi all,
I would like to help provide more services via this site in the long term and would like all your input.
One of the problems I face is that I have to occasionally move the site to new servers as it gets more popular and I exceed my specified bandwidth. this gets more and more expensive considering it is a hobby site!

I have never used advertising on the site as I would only be interested in V4 related advertising, not any old dross.

So, in the abscence of any sponsors I am thinking of other ideas.

One option I could look at is providing email addresses and webmail for example and charge a nominal fee (1-2 per year). I may also be able to provide subdomains on the site for people to host a small site specifically for their V4, ie and again charge for the service.

These are just possibilities at the moment and would love to know your thoughts on this.

12/12/2003 19:12:49   bill rawles   What sort of ball-park figure are you looking at to run the site Alec?  
12/12/2003 19:41:54   James Ayres   I think advertising on the site would be fine. Restrict it to old Saab stuff (not just v4) and the like - perhaps classic cars insurance etc. Anything it takes to keep the site up to it's high standards. I love this site, it has been invaluable! Once again, thanks Alec.  
13/12/2003 08:57:25   john   Hi Alec,

as far as i am concerned this site is the one of the best thing's on the net if not the best, advertising would surely be the best way to go or your fee plan for email addresses if it isnt to much hassle to set up.

13/12/2003 13:59:25   ian f   Hi Alec,
How much are you paying at present to have the site hosted? I'd hate to see the site go down the route of 'pop-ups'.

How many 'hits' a week does the site have?

13/12/2003 17:51:31   Alec   Thanks for the kind replies. Don't worry there will be no pop-up ads and if I do put any adverts on they will be carefully placed and will not overwhelm the site.

Costs at the moment are not too bad, around 40 year. However, I may need to move the site on to the next level of hosting soon which will probably double that figure.

The hits/bandwidth is part of the issue, not sure what the current hit rate is but I am hitting nearly 500Mb bandwidth per month which is the limiting factor.

If I move to a site that allows more bandwidth then I can allow you all to upload your own images in adverts and on the forum pages and also be able to send email alerts to messages etc and perhaps setup some sort of news letter.

What other things would be helpful to you all?  
15/12/2003 14:08:59   steve h   Old saab related advertising would be a benifit for me so I would be keen to see you push it that route.  
15/12/2003 16:12:49   James Ayres   You could actually use banner adverts for anything contained within classic car mags that would be beneficial for us as owners of 'classics'.  
15/12/2003 17:53:30   Alec   Thanks again Guys, It looks like I may have the ball rolling already. I will let you all know about that in due course.  
16/12/2003 08:01:33   Richard   I am sure a couple of Saab specialists would advertise if the price is right, I have no problem paying for an address but it could stop new viewers from entering the site, therefore stop it growing.  
16/12/2003 15:32:46   Alec   Well, it's started....

Please try and support the site sponsors and if you buy from affilite sites like parts for SAABS then click through a banner and buy then as then it is registered against this site.
PFS (Parts for SAABS) are very good in my experience, they do not list V4 parts but if your dealer can get it so can they and they also do some aftermarket parts too.

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