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15/12/2003 11:04:24   Senor Burt   Horse and what??? I hear you cry!
Page 77 features a horse and rider(strangely enough) negotiating 'A parked car or other scary object'. The scary object in question is a SAAB 96 V4. It looks like a pretty tidy 72/3 in green(GN10 I think) the number plate is partially obscured by the equine creature but the first 4 digits are HNY 4 on a yellow and black plate. From the article I think the location is a leafy suburb somewhere near the Metropolitan Police's Mounted Branch Training Division which is called Imber Court.
Anyone like to claim responsibility for this vehicle?  
15/12/2003 11:05:02   Senor Burt   Sorry should have said it's the January edition.  
15/12/2003 13:12:39   Alistair   I have a green 72 96 HNY404K on the register from Esher, I wonder if the owner knows it's now a "star"?!

Good find SBdC, but what were you doing there in the first place?!  
15/12/2003 16:38:40   Senor Burt   My Mrs is a keen neddyist, so I glance through occasionally to keep abreast of the world of nags.  

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