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27/08/2002 20:03:22   Jay   I'm interested in finding out more information on how the freewheel mechanism works. I'm looking for some details explaining the actual mechanical portions at the wheels, etc. Sounds like an interesting idea that could be incorporated in to other areas and applications.

Also, if anyone knows what the weak points are, that would be good to know too.

Thanks in advance.  
28/08/2002 08:14:39   Alec Dearden   It is very much like the freewheel on a bike which is attached to the input shaft of the gearbox. When activayed it means that the engine side of the shaft can go slower than the gearbox side of the shaft and thus freewheel.  
02/09/2002 14:41:55   Steve B   Hi Jay,

There is a drawing of the freewheel mechanism in cross section in the workshop manual if you have one.

It is very simple but kind of hard to explain.
It has 5 or 6 solid metal rollers that sit in slots in a hub. The slots are at a critical angle. The rollers can also be spring loaded. The hub and rollers sit inside a cup. The hub is connected to the input and the cup to the output.
In one direction the rollers get trapped between the cup and hub which transfers drive. In the other direction they are pushed into their sliots and it freewheels.

This system is better than a ratchet and pawl mechanim because it is stonger, is less prone to wear and will grip instantly in any position.

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