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15/12/2003 13:43:55   Tom   Does anyone know who owns a red V4 with ralley lights around the Hebdon Bridge area? I just got this email from the friend i bought my original yellow V4 from:

Nipped out to check that everything was locked up and secure before going to bed last night. Roaring up the lane came a red SAAB 96 with rally lights ablaze. Handbrake turn right around the corner, blatted past the house, handbrake turn left up the lane and disappeared. Guess somebody was playing out! Hooligan (it was great).  
15/12/2003 20:15:05   Tom   Actually, it was Whaley Bridge. My compass failed me.  
16/12/2003 15:41:30   Alistair   Richard, have you been terrorising the locals on t'other side of the Pea District??  
16/12/2003 15:42:14   Alistair   ok, that should say "Peak" - ruddy loan laptop keyboard is well iffy...  

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