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15/12/2003 18:18:29   john   I fancy going to this day at Elvington in May, anyone else in V4's planning on going along?.

16/12/2003 07:57:21   Richard   How much is it?  
16/12/2003 08:25:39   Alec   Check out the advert on the Home page.  
16/12/2003 12:36:45   Richard   I have seen it now, I will check the dates dont clash and I will get back to you.  
18/12/2003 12:43:55   Richard   I will be doing a rally on that date so I can not get. A word of warning, I have been to Elvington for Autotests and the surface is abrasive concrete which will wear your tyres, they use an area off the run way.
On the other hand I can recommend the museum and Naffi, it would be a good place to have a National at (Alister).  
18/12/2003 21:33:09   john   thanks for that Richard, the current entry list is all modern SAAB's, unless there are some other oldies going I wont make it, your thoughts on it for a national venue sound good.

23/12/2003 09:32:19   Simon T   Perhaps if someone with a V4 signed up it would encourage others to follow? If everyone is waiting for someone else with a V4 to sign up then no-one is ever going to sign up.  
22/01/2004 21:12:44   Simon T   A 99 Turbo has signed up, lets get some V4's on track! It's only £89!  
22/01/2004 22:45:32   john   Are you planning on going along in your 96 simon?.

22/01/2004 23:00:18   Simon T   I don't own a V4. It would be nice if some of you who do own V4's could come along so as many different Saab models as possible can be represented on the day. It's a day for Saab enthusiasts not for a particular model of Saab. There are Saab 99's, Classic 900's, 9000's, NG900's and 9-5's already signed up, it would be nice to see some V4's.  
26/01/2004 13:20:48   Richard   RIGHT I HAVE ENTERED MY V4 FOR THE TRACK DAY. The single venue looked a bit pants that was on the same day. I hope some of you will join me, you only need a couple of people with similar spec cars and you should have a great time, just watch the tyre wear.  
26/01/2004 15:45:36   Alistair   Well, I'll be spectating at least (it's only 20 miles away!) though I'm toying with buying a cheap 96 just for this sort of thing...if I find one, maybe I'll be doing more than watching.  
26/01/2004 16:35:42   Richard   I might be able to find you something to use. Why dont you book the GM Saab in and change cars if something comes along?  
26/01/2004 17:58:02   john   I'll make sure I am free that weekend and try and get an entry in as well.

27/01/2004 12:57:32   Alec   I am fairly sure I won't be able to make it. Can someone who does go please take some pics and I will post them in the gallery (nice shot on 3 wheels would be nice!!)  
27/01/2004 16:33:29   Richard   I take it you want a wheel lifting and not removing!  
27/01/2004 17:13:09   Alistair   Rich, you might have a deal there. I'll see how things go...but I'm not running the 9-5 as a) don't want to bend it and b) just put 4 new tyres on (mega£ !!!) & don't want to scrub em out  
02/02/2004 17:50:12   Alistair   Rich - which 96 have you entered for the day? Hope it's the green un, all those good old fashioned mechanical mods should show up some of these 900s and 9000s with their go-faster software!!!  
03/02/2004 07:56:04   Richard   Yes its the green un, should go well with near slick avon classic rallies on, if it stays upright. If she is out of action the sprint car will be finished by then and thats to a similar spec.  

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