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16/12/2003 16:03:56   Alistair   On the way to work the other day I passed a very tidy Amber Gold 96V4 on the Redbourn bypass - anyone know it? Driver didn't wave back, but she was young & pretty and probably thought I was just a perv... she might even have been right!!
16/12/2003 16:37:48   Richard   I looked out of the window the other day and there was a V4 on the drive, their getting everywhere apart from Alistair's drive.  
16/12/2003 19:58:06   Simon   A perv, who forgot he was not waving from within a V4?  
17/12/2003 00:15:21   Alistair   Yeah all right you lot, I'm working on it...  
17/12/2003 17:54:11   Alistair   Saw another one today, absolute Beaut. Early v4 or long nose stroker (didn't manage to figure it out) in white with big soc sticker on roof above the front screen. In Hemel again! What is about round here?

Anyone claim responsibility?!  
18/12/2003 09:00:47   Rupert Elmore   Non of the above are mine but i do regularly drive through Hemel in my 96. But i have never seen another 96/95 while passing through Hemel! I do see a white 96 two-stroke in Berkhamsted, I belive it's the one featured in Practical Classics staff sagas. R.  
23/12/2003 22:59:42   RichardF   Until a few weeks ago we alo pottered around Hemel in our green '72 96, now snugly hibernating in the garage due to the dreaded cancer of rust. Speaking of which, MOT is due in April and I think the sills will need a bit of work. Anyone know a 96 friendly garage in the Hemel / Dunstable area?  

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