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17/12/2003 07:38:27   ian   all you on AOL have you seen the list that comes up on start up for the above...oh yes there are some real design monsters but the ford anglia or the bond bug were design classics......but scroll on down and yes a saab 96 2stroke
GRU 368D...who owns the beautiful beast....mine is GRU663D  
17/12/2003 07:46:48   Richard   Voted by Toyota owners I guess (that would be my dad then). The Saab, bond bug and Anglia are quirky but not what I would call ugly. The Ford Scorpio is what I would call ugly ie no style at all, not quirky enough to fall into the interesting.  
17/12/2003 18:02:48   Alistair   Absolute rubbish!!! The 96 is a jewel!!

Now, bug-eyed Impreza, 90s bug-eyed Corrolla, most 4x4s, new Micra, new BMWs, that's what I call ugly!  
17/12/2003 18:10:18   ian   not too long ago took my 96 up to the local garage for "local people" and was drooling over a 911 also fuelling up and the driver actually came over and said that i had a beautiful car....i was gob smacked so i returned the compliment....i love 911's  
17/12/2003 21:04:48   simon   When I bought my 99, I delighted in the uglyness of the model (I quite upset the vendor) but a 96! - nah, AOL peeps not down with their ****.  
18/12/2003 08:39:16   Alec   Does anyone really use AOL?  
18/12/2003 10:00:34   James Ayres   I use AOL!!!  
18/12/2003 12:30:21   ian   i use aol  
18/12/2003 12:38:48   James Ayres   I'm Sparticus!  
18/12/2003 15:58:01   Tom   No. I'M Sparticus  
18/12/2003 18:09:06   Tony   I always thought that all SAABs upto the Vauxsaab stuff were so ugly that they were good, the new stuff is too bland - lets hope Mauer puts SAAB design back on the map. The concepts are looking good so far.....  
18/12/2003 21:52:24   Tony   Wait one moment, just seen piccys of the new SAAB heading for american shores, a facelifted subaru, great...... What are GM playing at?  
19/12/2003 07:53:38   Richard   A 4wd is going to follow, so will that be a Saab badge on a Forester or maybe a GM product?  
19/12/2003 10:09:21   Senor Burt   I heard that the 9-2 was going to be based on an Impreza WRX.
It's got to be an improvement on a V*ctra.  
19/12/2003 16:32:58   Tony   The 4x4 is going to be a remodelled caddy 4x4 according to Autocar. So thats big, heavy and handles/squeals like a greased pig on a slippery floor. It makes no difference if it is going to be based on a Impreza, still not a proper Saab.  
22/12/2003 07:55:09   ian   LATEST RESULTS SHOW ANGLIA ON 1% OF VOTES AND SAAB ON 2%  
01/01/2004 00:25:47   Klaus   hello,

Ugly ?
Ther are automobile phenomens, like the the VW beetle,
like the Mini or like Citroens 2CV.
Its crazy to try a recreation, a reunion like the New Beetle, like the new Mini or like Citroens Dyane some time ago.
Thats, what I call ugly !!!!

happy new Year to all of You !

01/01/2004 15:14:38   Senor Burt   I thought the new Beetle looked OK. Even though it was a totally different beast to the original( which I never liked much anyhow). The new Mini however. How can a car that big be called "Mini"???????!!!!!!!!! They are huge!  
01/01/2004 18:41:57   Alec   Same goes for the new beetle - I hate the fact that you could wear a top-hat in the car and still look short!  
03/01/2004 03:55:06   Anton   Oops... Sorry... They don't have the photo section in the English version. Anyway, there is a "112" model on the 1st page, so... Well, you better see it with your own eyes...  
04/01/2004 14:43:12   Senor Burt   I didn't say the new 'Mini' was ugly, it's just that it can't be described as mini by any stretch of the imagination.
The new beetles are possibly slightly less ugly than the old ones. Who cares anyway?  
04/01/2004 16:52:48   s   Difficult to tell which is fore and aft - new beetle - what sort of design is that?  
05/01/2004 00:22:38   ian f   The concept car for the new Beetle featured inter-changeable front and rear wings, hence the 'which end is which?' look. I can't remember why VW abandoned the idea on the production models.  
07/01/2004 17:59:33   John G   Theres a bloke in my street who has a 4 door 900 (classic) He said he bought it because ,in his eyes, it was so ugly, no one would want to steal it!  
07/01/2004 18:07:35   James   That's so unfair! It wasn't ugly, it was just different and not to everyone's taste!  
10/04/2004 11:59:12   andy   Anton's off his head. The Lada 112 is the most beautiful car; it's sexier than any other car that I've seen; it's good value for money, economical, and does 0-100km in less than 12 seconds.  
14/04/2004 08:10:39   Richard   Skoda's are cool. Did I mention that before! Funny blew off a Volvo T-thingy on a straight. He got niffed an old Skoda was behined him, put his foot down, so I passed him! That why they are cool, particulary lightend modified ones.  
14/04/2004 16:25:11   Alistair   You hooligan Richard, don't you know you're not supposed to pass T4/5/6 drivers, it really upsets their smug self-satisfied demeanours ;-)  
14/04/2004 16:44:50   Richard   Unsets them loads when its a rear engine 1.2 skoda, so I found out. You needed to see the blokes face at the junction to the main road, I think his jaw may need surgery to put it back.  

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