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18/12/2003 18:09:05   Alec   What brand and grade of oil do you all use? I would also be interested to know if the Rally boys and the modified brigade use something different.

I tend to use any good 10W40, usually Halfords.
19/12/2003 07:59:01   Richard   15W40 Semi-synthetic in the competition engine which is changed every two events along with the Saab oil filter.  
19/12/2003 09:33:20   Alec   Any particular brand Richard?  
19/12/2003 11:04:17   James Ayres   I also use Halfords own 10/40, seems fine to me!  
19/12/2003 11:21:01   Ane   This Halfords 10W40, is it syntetic or mineral oil? I have to change my oil and oil filter and I wondered if syntetic oil can do any harm? According to some classic car forums it can! This new year I will use my orange 96 '74 to drive from Amsterdam to Paris, and I don't want any problems in France! Probably the French have never even seen a car like that... they'd probably wish that they would have created such robust beauties...  
19/12/2003 12:03:53   James Ayres   Hi there, the 10/40 I use is mineral, although they do a part-syntetic 10/40 as well. I'm sure both would be fine though I prefer mineral for older cars. There's also very little difference in price!  
19/12/2003 13:20:07   steve h   Any modern oil is streets ahead of the stuff the engines were designed for but can be thin. I use GTX or duchams  
19/12/2003 14:06:47   Alec   Yeah, GTX and Duckhams have been around for years and is what I used when I first bought the car.  
19/12/2003 14:59:18   Ane   I wonder if it's available in The Netherlands..., Castrol isn't it?  
19/12/2003 16:45:19   Simon   Castrol 100% mineral for me, changed as soon it goes dark from carbon suspension, regardless of miles driven/time elapsed.
Check the SJ #'s in the small print as 10/40's or what-ever can differ and the SJ's give you a closer look at the TRUE quality offered.  
22/12/2003 19:49:53   Alistair   I made a big mistake years ago running an oil that was too thin (valvoline synthetic 10W40 I think) and it nearly killed my engine - leaked from every seal and oil pressure when warm was rubbish below about 1500 rpm, at tickover the pressure light even came on, so about 5psi. Changed back to a 20W50 and all was well again.  
23/12/2003 07:57:55   Richard   On the road cars I use Duckhams 20w50 which is a middle of the road oil and Saab filter. I think Valvoline do a racing high quality oil (20w50) that my circuit racing friends use in their Imps.
As Simon says you need to look at the coding as to oil quality and performance.
I dont use anything special in the rally car just a good quality oil that I can get my hands on.  
24/12/2003 10:23:46   Ane   So, I bought Castrol GTX 15W40 and a SAAB oil filter. Is there anything that can go wrong with or after changing the oil, do I have to be cautious for things (I'm still a bit of an amateur with cars)? I presume it's just drain the oil, remove the old filter, screw in the new one and refill with new oil?  
24/12/2003 12:48:06   Simon   Dear Ane,
I get the oil nice and warm, switch off engine & drain it, remove filler cap to aid the draining. Once its all out I remove the filter & then 'flush' by pouring half a litre or so of fresh oil through the engine. Smeer the new filter's rubber gasket with your new oil, tighten by hand. Replace drain plug using a new copper washer and using a funnel put in your new oil. Run the engine (to fill the filter), switch off, check the oil level again and check the filter and drain plug for leaks.
FREQUENT use of the dip stick is then recomended as these engines seem to blow a lot of oil (good for keeping the bay rust free!) even with your 15W40 viscosity :)
Happy filling and a merry Chrismass to all.
Used engine oil is dangerous, try not to get it in your skin pores!  

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