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19/12/2003 19:39:47   Alec   I have just been given the nod by PFS (Parts for SAABs) who advertise on this site to say that they will soon be getting a stock of some new sports steering wheels with a boss to fit the 95 and 96.
They are going to be Mountney Traditional 3 spoke 14" polished centre (not black like the picture) semi dished black leather steering wheels. Price including the boss including VAT will be 57.95 + delivery.
They are expecting stock in January, I will let you know when they are in.
SAAB 96 Sports Steering Wheel
22/12/2003 12:57:49   Richard   Mountney makes or at least did make 15" black flat sports wheels to fit this boss, I have seen one on a Landrover and measured the item. This would be a better size for most people.  
22/12/2003 15:08:11   Tom   I gave one of these away recently and it cost me about 24 new from Halfords a couple of years back. At 14" not my first choice.

Do Parts For Saabs do many V4 parts?  
22/12/2003 21:35:31   Alistair   Any idea what these are like fitted? I've always been wary of non-flat wheels in V4s as you can't reach the damn stalks, though a 14" dished might be a bit easier than 15" dished. And it'll build up your upper body strength!!!  
23/12/2003 07:50:06   Richard   Another thing is that the horn push works the other way round to the mountney boss (well it does on the two wheels I have).  
23/12/2003 09:33:15   Simon T   15" flat wheels are also available.  
14/01/2004 18:34:34   Alec   These are now available, use the link at the top or bottom of the page to see them.  
14/01/2004 19:41:27   Simon   I currently run a 13.5" wheel on the 96 and without doubt prefer this to the original 15", even when parking.
How skinny are all of ya's arms??? - the boys are obviously not running up and down the stairs enough with their Loved one intimately attached, I fear?

On the 96's I have owned, I have noted two types of horn ring (inner connection) both of which are very simply interchangable, thus enabling a working horn solution to aftermarket connections. That's enough Saab-ing I'm back to the staircase ;)  
16/01/2004 07:52:34   Richard   The later cars (rubber bumper) horn ring is different and not interchangable from what I remember. The orginal is 16" and a bit like steering a ship, the 15" was the Saab sports wheel Diameter which is probably the best size for road use, I use a 14" on the rally car and this is good on the low grip gravel, it gives a good feel to the low grip surface.  
16/01/2004 11:50:29   simon   Dear Richard,
The internals of the rubber bumper model ARE interchangeable with the older cars. In fact I am going to put a different wheel on a 72 model today, that will require the use of post 1976 internals. If I am wrong a about this I will let you know here :-)  
20/01/2004 10:26:17   Alistair   I put a 96L wheel on a 72 car with no probs so should be OK.  
21/01/2004 20:38:28   jake   the wheel in my 96 has been passed from 99to99to96to96some in between i can't remember i bought it twentyfive years ago a leather rim saab accesory it seemed pricy at the time but divided by twenty five it was a good buy  
22/01/2004 10:46:46   Senor Burt   I have both a 99 and 96 wheel(which fits my '74). The splines on the bosses are different.  

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