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22/12/2003 09:15:21   James   Hello all, a friend of mine after a spin in my 96 suggested using an octane boost (I already use 'valvemaster') he said it would make the car run a little more smoothly! Can anyone tell me what an octane booster actually does - don't just say boosts the octane!  
22/12/2003 17:48:06   Alec   I use the "Valvemaster with added Octane Booster", it brings the octane rating back up closer to the original 4star. this means that you are less likely to get pinking under load.  
22/12/2003 18:27:08   James Ayres   Thanks Alec. Anyone know of any other benefits?  
22/12/2003 22:19:09   James Ayres   Sorry - forgot to mention, I know it assists with cooling, ie fuel burns more efficiently so less heat, but anything else?  

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