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22/12/2003 17:51:57   Alec   Hi all,

PFS have sent me a list of the parts they can still get for the V4, it is in an excel sheet which you can find here.

If you want any of these items you will need to fill in the request form here. And don't forget to mention this website!!

Also, if a group of people want to bulk-buy an item, they will do a deal on the price.

Also, if  
22/12/2003 17:53:58   Alec   not sure what happened to my last paragraph!! .....

If a group of people want to get together for a bulk buy of an item, PFS will do us a deal on the price.
03/01/2004 03:30:58   Anton   Sorry, maybe that would be a silly question, but what currency is there in the price column? Pounds Sterling or Euro or maybe some other?  
03/01/2004 17:34:36   James Ayres   Pounds Sterling.  
03/01/2004 18:38:18   Alec   Sorry, yes it is pounds sterling.  

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