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23/12/2003 19:37:25   James Ayres   A passenger of mine on hearing about the freewheel clutch said 'I suppose that you couldn't take your test in one of these then?' To which I could only answer, 'I don't know!' Is it possible to take a driving test in a v4?  
24/12/2003 07:52:46   Richard   You have the option of normal drive. I am not too sure how they would react with the free wheel. I know one of the Classic car mags used a 1920's car to take a modern test in and that would mean you would change down through the box when comming to a halt which is also frowned upon on the test.  
24/12/2003 10:33:28   dhPaul   My wife took and passed her driving test in a 95V4 about thirty years ago. The freewheel was not engaged though. The examiner seemed amazed that this small person could handle a largish heavy car with a column gearchange. My wife was more concerned with him asking her to stop and start on a steep hill, of which there were several where she took the test, because she could only release the handbrake with both hands in such circumstances! Fortunately it didn't come to that.  
29/12/2003 17:26:41   ian   no problem to take test in v4...the only stipulation for any vehicle on test is that it meets the DSA's minimum test vehicle regulations...must have seat belts, head restraints and an additional mirror for examiner and be capable of doing wheel can be "in" or " out"
releasing the handbrake with watever means necessary is OK..changing down to slow car is not a fault unless it involves severe gear braking  

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