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29/08/2002 08:49:11   Tom   Can anyone give me a checklist of things i should look at in preparing my 96 V4 for MOT.  
30/08/2002 22:10:48   Gareth   Most MOT stations give a free retest so it is often worth just putting the car in to find any problems that you might not have noticed however I always check things such as lights windscreen washers/wipers and horn. if my cars are anything to go by it is worth checking just before the test as something always seems to break half an hour before you leave for the garage chances are you will know of any weak areas just from driving the car but unless you have access to a lift it can be hard to spot areas of corrosion which may cause a fail. Different test centres can have differing standards for classic cars things such as slow indicator flash rates at idle are accepted by some who understand the vaguaries of older vehicles while others will scour the rule book for an excuse to fail a car which is a bit out of the ordinary.
Anyway hope it all goes well let us know how you get on


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