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24/12/2003 07:55:41   Richard   Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.  
24/12/2003 08:13:29   Alec   And to you Richard and all the other regulars...

also a big thanks to you all for supporting the site this year.  
24/12/2003 08:21:53   James Ayres   I'll add my festive greetings to this, have a thrummung new year.  
24/12/2003 09:44:46   Louis   Dear Saab Fans;
Very Merry Xmas to you all from here in Switzerland and hope to see you all saabing here next year. I must say that my xmas started early this year as my wife has given me a 1992 900 turbo! It is because she thinks I won't be able to give the excuse that I need to fiddle with the 96 on weekends!!! What she wasn't expecting is that I have all sorts of plans for mods etc... Life goes on and so do Saabs...
24/12/2003 14:06:20   Alec   I am hoping to have a present to you all in the new year (ish) with a fresh new look to the site. now I have said that I will have to get my finger out and complete it!  
24/12/2003 15:41:03   James Ayres   Looking forward to it Alec, could it possibly be an improvement on the current format???  
24/12/2003 19:12:57   Tom K   Happy Christmas one and all.

Alec the site is brilliant keep up the good work. Lots of inspiration to get my 96 back on the road in the new year.

Have a good'n everyone.  
31/12/2003 10:10:13   Alistair   Whoops, missed this one, belated Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all!  
31/12/2003 11:06:10   ian   yep missed this also so...HAPPPY NEW YEAR..took the 2 stroke out yesterday just to do my last bit to pollute the atmosphere in 2003...more smoke in 04......have a good one and thanks to all of you lot on this forum...  
01/01/2004 11:49:14   Tom   Belated Happy Christmas and all the very best for you and your Saabs in the New year.

This is a great web site and without it i know it and the help of you all has saved me a fortune in my four years of V4 ownership.  

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