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27/12/2003 19:13:02   James Ayres   As well as being a member of the SOC, I am also a member of the Saab Enthusiasts Club, I have just read my Saab Enthusiasts magazine (produced 4 times a year) and the club is in need of support! So come on, join up and let's support all thing 'old Saab'. You can join via the web site
06/01/2004 22:49:37   chris   I belive they have a lot going on this year 2 weekend events a stand at the Sunseeker rally in Bournemouth 28/02/04 plus more I would contact the Chairman for details  
10/01/2004 22:40:22   David   I too am a new member having met a bunch of Enthusiasts at the Popham (Hants) Classic car / Fly-in event last autumn. A very enjoyable day. The committee seems really enthusiastic (sic!) and the club deserves support - it's all about Saabs that are no longer in production (does my 2001 9-3 hatchback count in that category now?). The more people who join in the more events / get-togethers that will happen.  

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