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29/12/2003 13:04:43   Simon Lucas   I see that Parts For SAABS (PFS) list alternators for V4's
75-76 and 77 on. I have had a sucession of second hand units on my 1972 car and would love to find a new one as I am a bit fed up with changing them every 10,000 miles or so. Does anyone know the difference between the 75-76 unit and the ealier ones and can they be made to fit?

29/12/2003 13:31:50   James Ayres   I would have thought that the earlier and later were interchangable, ie you can use a later one in an earlier car. Anyone got any experience of this?  
29/12/2003 15:24:32   Senor Burt   V4 alternators are pretty repairable unlike modern sealed units. You should be able to get one re-conned with new brushes or bearings, there's not much to them. Saying that though, I've never had alternator trouble with any of my V4's.
Don't know anything about the later units though. Everything else is the same, so I don't see why the alti shouldn't be interchangeable.
I've heard that certain alternators from Nissans will fit as well.  
30/12/2003 09:38:30   bill rawles   Last year I bought a brand new alternator off the shelf at a supplier in Manchester. I just had a look for a part number but can't find one. Its 85 amp and genuine Lucas so they do still exist. Look in your yellow pages for a decent motor-factor rather than a Kwik-Fit type place and they should be able to sort you out. The other advantage is that it has a voltage regulator built in so you can do away with the seperate unit that v4's have mounted on the inner wing.  
30/12/2003 22:34:44   Alec   Bill has hit the nail on the head, the later ones had a built in regulator.  
04/01/2004 21:01:49   jake   the one on my 96 is off a 99 and is rated at seventy amps it seems that the fact that the 99 rotated in the other direction makes no diferance as they charge in any direction making the 99 a poss source of spares my one runs all right up to now  
04/01/2004 23:09:59   Simon   Dear Jake,
you may find that it will last longer (run cooler) if you swap the fan from your 96, as this will then ventilate the unit in the right direction.  
06/01/2004 13:38:32   steve h   If you have a go with the new google search facility on this site you will find I have written about this before several times.
Pop down your local halfords and exchange your old one for a new (remanufactured) vectra/corsa (take the old one with you to hold it against the new one) one. It's 70 amps and has a built in regulator but needs an extention on the top stay to fit properly. I used a hifi fixing bracket and a couple of nyloc nuts and bolts. Again you have to run it backwards but as it has twice the power capacity of the original unit, it seems to cope.  

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