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29/12/2003 15:51:29   James Ayres   I am hoping this is nothing! However, I notice that with each click of the indicaters that the Temperature needle leaps ever so slightly. The needle is always less than N and leaps or ficks towards the N. Any comments please...  
29/12/2003 17:28:25   ian   i have a temp guage on my 2 stroke which, when the lights are on, can be turned up or down by the dashboard rheostat...beat that  
29/12/2003 19:50:57   James Ayres   No harm done then!?!  
29/12/2003 21:24:55   nick   my temp guage used to flicker like mad but found that the wire connector to the thermostat was loose.  
30/12/2003 22:36:21   Alec   They suffer from bad earths under the dash that causes this. Some earlier cars have a earth point on the bar that runs under the dashboard. Check and clean all connections.  
31/12/2003 16:10:32   Senor Burt   Check that all your fuses and connectors to the fuseblock are making good contact. I used to get this, as well as the charge light always being semi-lit and the fuel gauge behaving strangely.  
31/12/2003 17:48:45   Alec   My charge gauge always has a faint glow since rebuilding the car, I have never managed to get to the bottom of that one although it must just be a bad earth somewhere.
31/12/2003 19:03:14   Steve B   I spoke to a Saab mechanic once, about a glowing charge light on my 96, when the car was driven at night with a full load on the electrics. He told me this was mormal with the V4. My 96 also had a heated rear window which made this worse.

Alec is right that a bad earth causes the needles to flicker on the dashboard. Mine was most noticable when the indicators were used.  
01/01/2004 00:04:18   Klaus   Hi,

have the same problem with glowing charge light and the temperature needle gets very nervious.
Think its a ground problem.
It disappears mostly when I switch from first to second gear.
Think, its a " dont care ".

best wishes from Germany,
01/01/2004 11:52:50   Tom   I have noticed that when i put my V4 in reverse the charge light comes on and sometimes stays on when i then change to first. I was about to post a question about this until i saw this thread. Problem is, it's only just started doing it.  
01/01/2004 14:33:51   Klaus   Hi Tom,

interesting, I discovered the same symptom.
So I am sure, there must be a grounding problem behind the

04/01/2004 16:27:00   Ane   Same problem here, my temperature was always too high according to the meter... After removing the meter from the dashboard and applying some contact spray on the wires it works fine again (for some weeks).  
06/01/2004 13:51:18   steve h   Im glad everybody else suffers from this. I swaped my gauge due to this to no avail. I now ignore it and rely on the electric fan warning light and oil temperature gauge (I have a custom dash). One day I will trace the bad contact.  
09/01/2004 22:59:02   James Ayres   I took an hour or so removing, cleaning, using a bit of elbow grease and abrasion of every electic contact I could get my hands on. It seems to have solved the problem of my leaping temp gauge!  
10/01/2004 17:38:13   Alec   Result! Lets see how long it lasts.  

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