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03/01/2004 13:03:08   chris   just there are 3 V4's in a scrapys near Bicester OX ? more details later  
05/01/2004 10:46:02   Rupert Elmore   There are 3 saab's in L.C.Hughes yard nr Bicester. Two V4's and one two-stroke. The two V4's are 96 and 95, the 96 still has it's engine and box but has been open to the weather for many years. The 95 is minus it's engine and box and is fairly well stripped out, but has an excellent rear hatch with very little rust. The 2-stroke is a 96 and has it's engine and box but again it's been open to the weather for some time. This car again is well stripped and has HORRIFIC RUST!!! L.C.Hughes is a really traditional scrap yard, piles of cars you can wander around and remove parts yourself and there really freindly. Well worth a look around if your in the area, but if the weather is wet take some wellington boot's it's muddy! There website is as follows and phone number is 01869 252 353.

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