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03/01/2004 13:52:25   gerald   Hallo to the V4 experts !

I´ve got a very hard problem with my ´70 96V4 .
As long as I drive the car , everything is perfect . But as soon as the car stopps with the engine idling it gets hot . This goes so far that ( before the temperature reaches the red field ) the engine dies and almost can´t be restarted . ( Two or three red traffic lights are enough ! )
I´m quite sure that the petrol begins to boil and I´ve a vapor lock problem ...
Here is what I tried until now :
+ new fuel pump
+ electric fuel pump ( but mounted in the engine compartmen which - as somebody told me - should not be done ... )
+ check of the water pump
+ adjustment of ignition
+ adjustment of valve clearence
+ new head gaskets ( incl. grinding the heads )
+ completely overhauled radiator - with high performance net - The engine is much cooler now and allmost doesn´t reach normal temperature when driving . But it doesn´t cure the vaporlock problem ( it only needs a little more time to die ... )
Some guys told me to use an electric fan but I think that this only would cure the symptoms but not the reason .
Has anyone ideas what the reason might be and how to cure it ?

many thanks and greetings from Austria
06/01/2004 13:59:56   steve h   I swapped back to the old mechanical fuel pump when my electric engine compartment one started to do this.
Try the carb. Is it idling too weak. Swap the carb.  
06/01/2004 16:44:11   Richard   I would try the carb, I had a similar problem with a carb that had some dirt in the drillings.  
06/01/2004 18:25:28   Simon   Maybe too obvious to mention : timing?  
06/01/2004 18:25:33   Simon   Maybe too obvious to mention : timing?  
06/01/2004 20:00:14   Simon   So obvious I'll mention it twice! Me don't know what happened there?  
08/01/2004 18:04:16   Alistair   Sounds like you have had two problems - has the new rad solved the overheating while stationary?

re: the fuel problem, what carb have you got? It may be missing the thick plastic spacer between carb & manifold which insulates the carb from heat quite well, especially if it has an after market replacement.

Alternatively the float valve may be sticking and needs more/less pressure to either get fuel into the float chamber or prevent it overfilling and running rich. Is the mixture OK?  

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