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04/01/2004 19:38:43   Nick   Has anyone seen the new advert for Disneyland on TV recently? As far as I can make out it has a burgundy 96 - possibly a two stroke at the start of the ad......anyone know which model it is?  
05/01/2004 00:17:28   ian f   I only caught a fleeting glimpse, but I'm pretty sure it was a bull-nose two-stroke.  
05/01/2004 07:57:25   James Ayres   It is a two-stroke! I'm almost certain. However, why are they insinuating that it's going really slowly and holding up the traffic? Obviously never gave a two-stroke welly!!!  
05/01/2004 10:04:45   Nick   I made me laugh seeing it going so slowly....I know I don't drive my 96 like that  
05/01/2004 11:16:45   Senor Burt   It's definitely a 2-stroke. How sad that its starring role had to be in an ad for the nauseating D*sn*y corporation.
I wonder who this car belongs to? Cars for ads and films are often sourced through owners clubs.  
05/01/2004 12:31:07   Richard   A brown v4 was used to advertise Terry's Moonlight chocolates in the 70's.  
05/01/2004 17:42:35   Senor Burt   Brown eh, lovely colour, suits any car. Perhaps that's why you don't see much of this particular brand any more.
Milk Tray Man vs brown 96, hmmm......... advertising genius.  
08/01/2004 18:09:15   Alistair   I'm sure it was blue and in the 80s....  
09/01/2004 07:50:17   Richard   The interior is brown because its in my white car, but the car could have been blue as the trim came via Mr K.Long.  
09/01/2004 13:31:28   Alistair   Blimey, a famous TV Star for an interior!!!
Yeah, think it was Carolina Blue.

Pedantically yours... Al  
12/01/2004 08:50:50   Louis   Yes I saw the ad here in Switzerland I thought it was a 93, maybe not. I also once saw a 96 V4 in a video clip all I can remember it had FOX written on the side and was (I think) metallic burgondy! Any other stars?  
12/01/2004 13:35:47   steve h   The car with Fox on the side (Fox1 actually) belonged to a neighbour of mine who left a note on my windscreen one day to say he wanted to buy one and could I help. It was a 1975 V4 in brown with a full sunroof. He was a musician and had a dub band going called baby fox in the mid nineties and used the car in videos. He also did advertising work so that may be how the car got on the small screen. I have lost touch with him but whoever has the car now, lives(ed) in Finn house in Shoreditch near some friends of mine.  
12/01/2004 16:35:14   Richard   The Disney ad has a 93 on it.  
12/01/2004 22:23:47   Louis   Isn't the world small!!! But full of Saabs!!!  
18/01/2004 14:58:05   John G   I think the car is a 96 as it has the door handles at the rear of the door and the 93 had the handles at the front (suicide doors) I also noticed it has small indicator lamps retro fitted.  
18/01/2004 20:00:25   ian f   The 93F also has front-hinged doors  
09/02/2004 20:57:48   ian   it is being driven very badly by a grumpy old man retuning from disneyworld with his happy family having worn the "t" shirt " i queued at disney"... where is eric!!!  
10/02/2004 07:57:12   Richard   It is a 93 which later on had normal doors, the rear window is a 93 small type and the whole rear of the car is a different profile. You can see the rear window for long enough to see it does not wrap round the back of the car.  

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