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05/01/2004 10:17:29   john   Can anyone tell me best place to buy a standard exhaust system for 96v4 in South London area.  
05/01/2004 17:34:26   James Ayres   I bought a ss exhaust made to original spec, it has a lifetime guarantee and cost 300(I think this included the ss brakets). The exhaust was easy to fit and sounds wonderful - just like a new car with a slightly more resonant (not loud) note! I'd recommend 'Stirling Exhausts' found in the Saab Driver.
Tel 01341 241 281 You can also get a mild steel exhaust for about 110 but they do rot!  
06/01/2004 13:47:00   steve h   dont bother trying for one in the local area. Get one posted. It can work out cheaper. Ring round. Start with the above and Highgates.  
06/01/2004 20:13:24   Simon   For anyone interested;
I have a New Old Stock 2" 'fast back', front system looking for a new home. It consists of three pipes - none of them silenced - which flange together. Two down pipes and a Y, the exit end of the Y pipe is sleeved. As well as the S&Rally diagram illustrating where the exit holes would need to be cut in the floor pan.

Dear John,
I may also be able to help you with your std system (your email is 'bouncing').  
06/01/2004 23:04:05   ian f   John,
I'm not sure if they still stock them but Euro Car Parts were knocking out the whole system (mild steel) for just over 100.  
07/01/2004 17:17:16   Gareth   simon, how much do you want for the downpipes?  
07/01/2004 17:22:54   S   Hi Gareth,
I've got to offer them to another 'member' first, as he asked first.
I'll let you know whether thay are still available or not later today/tmorow. Thank you for your interest.
ps. posting here as your email did not work!  
07/01/2004 19:09:29   S   Sorry Gareth, previous caller has fulfilled his interest.  
08/01/2004 08:20:53   Gareth   No problems, Thanks  

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