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05/01/2004 23:09:49   mark ashton   having just had my 95 written off buy a builders transit i was wondering if any body had put a T16 900 engine in to one, i have heard rumors that it is possible Any advive or help would be great. ta (the car is totaly wasted at the front, and i also have two 96s ,so im not a butcher)
06/01/2004 22:45:21   chris   I have some photo's of a 96 with a 900 engine I think they cut the body off and welded it to the floor pan of the 900  
07/01/2004 07:54:05   Richard   I have seen a couple of 96's with the 900 turbo engine and gearbox in them. I would imagine that you will have to make engine and gearbox mounts and modify the bulkhead to get the gear lever assembly through  
07/01/2004 12:58:21   Senor Burt   You're an amitious boy Mark. You can make any engine fit I suppose if you're determined. I would imagine it would handle like sh*t though, due to the extra weight. Nice in a straight line though. Just make sure that front end is well stuck on, in case it decides to go off without the rest off the car.  
07/01/2004 16:40:26   Richard   Burts right with the weight, you may wish to move the rad into the boot (with scoops and electric fans) along with the battery to try to balance the weight front to rear. Fibre glass bonet and wings should shed a little weight at the front. Oh, mount the front passenger seat as far back as possible, passengers induce understeer in my road car, so its best to stick them in the back or pick up any bod who will sit in the rear seat.
The springs will need up-rating have a look at the rates on say a 900 or 99 turbo to give you a starting point.  
07/01/2004 17:37:30   Senor Burt   Or you could turn the engine round, put in in the back and make a mid-engined, rear wheel drive 95.
That I would like to see!
Whatever you do, it's a bodge and fabricate job that you'd just have to make up as you went along. The issue of space is the first problem you'd have to contemplate.
Then there's the fuel tank which would need a return pipe fitting and all the electrics to bodge in.  
07/01/2004 19:17:02   S   Senor,
Bodge : "to make or repair badly".
07/01/2004 22:46:27   mark ashton   thanks for the response boys having looked further in to this the factory did build one to test the 99 (the toad) this was a 96 shell widened and streched to fit the 99 floor pan bit to much for me mind as for the weight issue i shall have to look in to that a bit further thanks again and if any body has any photos or other info that would be great

08/01/2004 09:21:21   Alec   The toad next to a standard car...

08/01/2004 17:26:24   Alistair   We used to have a 96 which had run as a grass tracker with a 2.3 V6, though it had a V4 again when we got it. The rad was where the back seat should have been (no glass = good air flow) and from what I heard it did indeed handle like a dog with the V6, especially front-heavy with all the interior stripped out!!

My only question is, why would you want to?!  
08/01/2004 20:12:22   jake   some of the jap 1.4-1.6 four cyl engines are very dainty and light eg nissan sunny and come in turbo form i'm sure they would make better power to wieght sense and remember it's one thing to make it go you then have to stop it all the best jake  
08/01/2004 22:23:02   James Ayres   Would it actually be possible to put a light-weight FWD Jap engine in? Has anyone done such a thing? If so what engines would fit? What mods would be necessary?  
09/01/2004 11:00:58   Senor Burt   I was always interested in the idea of fitting something like a VW VR6 engine into a 95/96. I think someone has done it.
As I've said before, you can make more or less any engine fit if you have the skill and determination.
Why indeed would you want to fit a 2.3 V6 when you could just as easily have a 2.8?  
09/01/2004 11:18:26   Alec   There is a V6 96 in the gallery, he used a 2.8 granada engine as it fits in easy and attches to the gearbox without modification. You can see it here.  
09/01/2004 12:33:01   James Ayres   Back to my original query, how about a light-weight FWD Jap engine, say, a Sunny engine and gearbox or a Corolla? Has anyone done that?  
09/01/2004 13:27:20   Nick   I think it's time to put these ideas to the producers of Scrapheap Challenge. How aweful would a 96 sound with a jap engine in?!  
09/01/2004 17:36:33   mark ashton   the original idea for the t16 was because it was a in line 4 with the box underneath meaning no width probs and its more balanced than a v6 with all the weight in front o the wheels
the jap motor would be fun but to much work even for me!!!  
09/01/2004 18:01:32   john   the hot engine of the moment for reliability, ease of availability and power output seems to be the 2.0 Zetec, surely that would be straightforward enougth to fire in a 96  
09/01/2004 22:54:19   James Ayres   I don't agree with the 'aweful' a jap engine would sound! I have driven many cars over the years many of them Jap, Datsuns, Nissans, Toyotas, and my current modern car is a Hyundai coupe (Korean, I know). Although they made their names as 'A to B' economical everyday cars, I have driven many that were 'sh*t hot'! With high reving engines and sporty tuning and exhausts plus Jap reliability you're on to a winner. Couple this with the sexy shape of a 96 and you could have a real winner! In fact I may pick up a rolling shell and have some fun!!! Anyone got a good 96 body that needs an engine and gearbox?  
10/01/2004 17:40:32   Alec   My personal opinion is I just love the sound of the V4 engine from the pop-pop of the standard exhaust to the bark of a throaty exhaust and a 96 would not be a 96 without the V4 engine in it.  
10/01/2004 22:40:36   James Ayres   Alec makes the most valid point! A 96 would not be a 96 without a v4!!!  
10/01/2004 22:51:51   David   I have to admit to toying with the idea of fitting a turbo-diesel engine into one of my 95V4s (as part of a wider-ranging "custom job"). Started off by looking at the little 3-cyl TD fitted to Novas and Corsa - but maybe that's a bit small (only 65bhp - same as the V4 but lots more torque). Then there's the very reliable 1.9 TDI fitted to VW Passats and Audi A4/A6 - fore-and aft unit for fwd - or even the 2.5 V6 (straying into the realms of fantasy here as they weigh tons!). I think a new front-end suspension and power steering would be called-for plus a much bigger radiator as diesels are really mini-nuclear plants in disguise - try losing the water in one of them - meltdown in minutes! Needless to say, my 95s still have V4s in them. Doesn't stop me dreaming, though ........ being a bit of a diesel-nut at heart (must be the economy appealing to my Scottish ancestry!).  
10/01/2004 22:54:24   David   Now what I really want is a nice 2-stroke diesel to put in (but not as big as the classic Cummins engine as fitted to Commer lorries in the 60s!).  
11/01/2004 14:25:52   Senor Burt   A 96 without a V4? Two-stroke?  
11/01/2004 22:01:13   James Ayres   Good point, a two-stroke, what a stonker!  
14/01/2004 10:29:21   Alistair   Like several people have said you can do anything you want within the physical size constraints of the 96, provided you have the expertise, patience and money. The challenge with a T16 engine is always going to be size - the reason Saab put a small V4 in the engine bay is because not much else would fit when it was originally designed for a 3 cyl 2 stroke. They did try the Lanci V4 at the time but went for the Ford on reliability and cost grounds.

The T16 engine is both higher and wider than a V4 lump, plus you have all the gubbins needed to run it - electronics, fuel injection piping & tank, intercooler & rad to locate somewhere, and it's also much heavier so your handling would be affected.

Given you can get a reliable 110bhp or more from a road-spec V4, without going to twin carbs etc, then maybe that's the better (and IMO more fun) answer.

But an all alloy 4-pot (eg K series) maybe a better compromise if you are prepared to do some serious hacksaw work on the front end & reengineering of the front suspension to allow space for a transverse lump.

It all comes down to time, money and desire!  
14/01/2004 10:41:46   Senor Burt   A K series though. That would be sacrilege really. It would be a mistake to let anything R*v*r anywhere near a 96.  
14/01/2004 12:24:08   Richard   A certain guy in Sweden has mounted a Saab 2 stroke to an office chair!  
14/01/2004 18:22:43   Alec   ... and big Eric had a motorbike with the V4 in it, I would have liked to try that.  
03/10/2005 23:36:33   A   I`ve seen a Finnish 96 with a 2.0l T16 from a 900, when I was in Sweden this summer, it was just awesome, prettiest 96 I`ve ever seen.
You can put a 1700 V4 Ford engine in without any trouble at all, also a 2.3l V6 Ford Granada and also a lighter 2.6l (can`t remember what model of Ford i came from) that has same weight as a 2.0l or a 2.3l Granada, the 2.8l Granada is just to heavy. Also a 2.3l and above is becoming very heavy, so why not a lighter 2.0 T16 with 200BHP++? :)  

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