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06/01/2004 11:55:07   nesnah   I cannot see how to extract it to be able to fit a replacement and my manual says nothing helpful.
There's a screw underneath holding it, a pin marked like a water cock and a wee hole for shoving something up.
But I haven't mastered the technique yet for poking them.
Any talkative experts out there feeling helpful ?

06/01/2004 13:42:43   steve h   Im afraid its a case of 'poke and wiggle'!! till you master the technique. I did take mine out once but it came out more by luck that any special trick.  
07/01/2004 17:34:16   ian f   Nesnah,

Have you got a replacement barrel? If you have, you'll be able to see a small spring-loaded peg on the side. This is the peg that holds the barrel in the housing in the steering column. The peg can only be depressed if the ignition key is turned so that it is in line with the righthand edge of the 'ASSA' mark. By inserting a piece of bent wire through the small hole in the underside of the housing you can with a bit of fiddling push in the peg and pull the barrel out using the key.

The Saab manual puts it a little more eloquently:

1. Insert the key and turn to the righthand edge of the 'ASSA' mark.

2. When the key is in this position, the catch pin in the lock cylinder can be pressed in by inserting a wire pinlock in a hole on the underside of the steering lock stand.

3. Pull out out the lock cylinder.

08/01/2004 09:39:09   nesnah   Thank you Ian very much, a perfect answer.
I have to remove the lock from my dead 96 to send to Jim B. who now has his stolen 96 back, but his insurers are insisting he changes the locks.  

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