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06/01/2004 23:18:57   gray   After a 500 mile trip up to Yorkshire and back the first gear on my 95 has given up the ghost - ie. it won't go into position.
All other gears are fine. Any suggestions/advice?  
07/01/2004 08:50:36   Alec   Is second difficult or as normal? The first thing to do is to try re-adjusting the column change - do you have the info to do that?  
08/01/2004 17:36:40   Alistair   Not heard of only first going before, though you never know. Sounds like linkage adjustment to me, maybe the universal joints in the linkage are worn or possibly the clutch?  
08/01/2004 22:56:42   gray   Thanks Alec and Alastair. Will check out those angles.  
09/01/2004 13:28:26   steve h   Ckeack your engine mounts. If they are loose, the engine may have moved backwards under braking or moved sideways with torque, both of which could reduce the distance between gearbox and gear column giving you this problem. Gear selection adjustment is a combination of engine/gearbox and gear/steering block positions.  
09/01/2004 13:36:21   steve h   Actually I got that wrong. Engine backwards - no 3rd and 4th, engine forwards - no 1st and 2nd. How do I know - teenage lunacy and aeronatics over the farndon-holt road humpback bridge causing the engine to be pushed back on landing leading to a limp home in 2nd gear and a crushed exhaust. (I wasnt driving) The gear selection problem was cure by undoing the engine mounts, taking the weight of the engine on a jack, releasing it and tightening everything up again.  

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