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07/01/2004 12:51:26   Ane   My lovely orange 96, Mr. Nilsson, starts in all weather conditions. However, with a cold engine, it takes a while before it runs stationary. Therefore, as soon as I lift the clutch without enough throttle, the engine fails, so I have to use lots of throttle before I can drive...
Is there a simple solution for this problem (new spark plugs, contact points or anything) or is it just a normal problem for old cars...?
07/01/2004 13:10:05   Senor Burt   Does he have automatic choke? Often it takes too long for the choke to come off enough for proper driving. It can be adjusted, but it's best to get it converted to manual with a cable. Also if your air filter is old and blocked, it will cause the mixture to be too rich.
It is more necessary to keep on top of routine maintenance of the ignition and fuel systems to keep old SAABs running happy, but I wouldn't describe this problem as normal. Maybe a service and tune-up would sort things out. It wouldn't do any harm anyway, and if the problem persists, at least you would know what was NOT the problem.  

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