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08/01/2004 15:05:27   Alec   I hope you all like the new look and feel of the web pages.

There are still a few small things to finish, namely each of the gallery pages. I will get these finished soon.

After that is done I will then start looking at some of the functionality and content of the site to make some improvements.
08/01/2004 15:44:31   Tom   Alec, it's really good. Well done.  
08/01/2004 16:04:07   Alec   Thanks Tom.  
08/01/2004 17:20:47   Alistair   Alec
A good job done, nice one mate
08/01/2004 17:59:26   James Ayres   I'd like to add 'well done' as well. It adds a touch of freshness to the site - and certainly a more modern feel...  
08/01/2004 21:41:11   Tom K   What a nice suprise. By the look of things Alec, you've improved on an already very good site.  
09/01/2004 13:39:46   steve h   ...and grey and turquoise are sooo this season.

Seriously, looks great and seems to work faster.  
12/01/2004 18:04:30   Simon   Dear Alec,
I hope that you don't treat your car like this?
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

I have yet to go through all of the site but I would say that I miss the horizontal menue, as it allowed full screen width to the text :-(
This is intended as constructive input, not 'arm chair' critique :-)
12/01/2004 18:45:24   Alec   Thanks again everyone...
Simon, I did experiment with a new horizontal menu but was not happy with the look. How big is your monitor and what resolution do you run?
My stats show most people use 1024x768 although I did check it on 800x600 and it was still useable.  
12/01/2004 21:48:47   simon   Hello Alec,
I'm glad that I did not cause you any offence there.
I usualy visit this site with a VERY expensive 21" RGB component pro-graphics monitor but I don't know at what res (my technition sets that up).
I mean that it all works and I can read everything, but the big left hand border of blankness seems a 'waste', when one could have Saabs, or Saab things in that area; as of old :)
I still concider your horizontal menu a genius stroke of design and one which many pro design teams could learn from.  
13/01/2004 08:28:03   Alec   Thanks Simon,

The space will be used in the future, also when I sort the content of the site a little better the menu will open out as you use it (see the links section) and use more space.

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