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10/01/2004 22:51:37   Tamsin   Had to leave the lurcher in the Saab at a friend's house the other day - she saw my husband get into his car & drive off, and she chewed her way through the whole vinyl panel at the side of the rear seat. Also took off the rubber window trim, but that at least looks like it is one piece. Many adjectives (expletives?) to describe what I think of her - just so SAD to see 30 year old perfect trim so wasted. Ugggh. I assume trying to find a specialist upholsterer is the way to go - anyone got any info on how easy the vinyl etc is to match up? Boo hoo.  
10/01/2004 22:58:18   David   You could try Pipers of Sparkford (Somerset) - they are well versed in Saab trim. Otherwise try buying Classic Car Weekly (every Wednesday) - loads of ads in there. What colour are you looking for?  
11/01/2004 00:43:51   ian f   Hi Tamsin,
Isn't separation anxiety a wonderful thing? Which side panel got chewed out? What colour? Which window seal do you need?

11/01/2004 14:28:35   Senor Burt   You shouldn't have much trouble getting second hand replacements.
If you post the model, year and colour of the car, I'm sure somebody will be able to help you.  
12/01/2004 14:08:09   Tamsin   Thanks :) It's a 1972 96, in light brown. It's the rear side panel on the driver's side that's now missing - that nutty brown vinyl with a black padded top section. Ian - I'll check on the window seal, as I have a feeling it's not damaged - just pulled, but haven't had time to try & put it back yet.  
12/01/2004 17:29:42   ian   kill the dog  
12/01/2004 17:45:01   simon   ... with the Saab.  
12/01/2004 18:54:19   ian f   Hi Tamsin,

Are you talking about the 96 that you had in Croydon? If it is, I've probably got a side panel in the right colour that you can have. Do you need the black padded capping piece as well?
14/01/2004 19:49:49   Tamsin   Ian f - I wondered if that was you! It is the same Saab - now running nicely and doing a fine job as the family's 2nd car at our new home in Cornwall. Brilliant on the country lanes :)
So a replacement side panel would be fab, and yes, the hound also took out the capping piece. Try emailing me via the site & I can give you some details. I get a script error when I rollover the 'name' column on the forum - anyone else getting that?  
14/01/2004 20:14:53   Simon   Yeah, script error.  
15/01/2004 08:33:09   Alec   Tasmin/Simon - what browser do you use (and version)? I can't replicate the script error.  
15/01/2004 19:44:13   simon   Hello Alec,
AOL v7. Although e-mails are now working for me :-)  
16/01/2004 08:19:19   Alec   Hmm, AOL my favorite!

I have actually found an old Pc with IE 5.5 on it at work and this also does it, I will fix it on that PC and hope it cures your problem.  
16/01/2004 08:37:46   Alec   OK, I believe it should work now.  

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