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12/01/2004 08:45:01   Louis   Dear All,
I seem to be on and off in the forum as I have too much to do! I have just aquired a 900s (1992). it seems to have a turbo but no intercooler and I can't find the apc system. Do any of you know how I can upgrade from the 140 bhp to the proper T16 180 bhp? Can I fit an APC system and intercooler from a T16?  
12/01/2004 14:48:48   bill rawles   What's a 900?(!)  
12/01/2004 18:50:17   Alec   Sorry Louis, as much as I like T16S 900's (I've had 3) we don't do 900's on this forum - V4's only!!
Your best bet is saabcentral (see links page)  
12/01/2004 22:36:15   Louis   Dear Alec,
Shame you limit to V4 discussion only, but as a V4 owner I thought that I might have had some knowlegeable saab person tell me more, never mind... I would have agreed if I had been coming talking of some Vectra based so called Saab - GM thing... But your the boss here so I do as I am told! No hard feelings :-) By the way I have fitted the front suspension of a 900 to my V4 and now am going to start to convert the rear axle to disc brakes (not sure yet if they will be from a 900... Gives excellent braking capacity and allows the fitting of different sized wheels and tyres. I have however had mor trouble getting the drive shafts to work properly, I have a slight vibration...
All the best and happy V4ing!
13/01/2004 08:26:19   Alec   Louis,
I am sure many people would like more info on the 900 suspension onto a V4 - perhaps you would like to write us an article.

13/01/2004 20:38:27   Louis   That is something to think about, but at the moment my project is at a standstill due to professional commitments, let alone article writing... If were to have time you will be the first informed.
Thanx for the proposition, maybe I can get you some photos in the mean time.
Louis :-)  
14/01/2004 18:26:18   Alec   Great, that goes for anyone else too. The more info you can share with the V4 community the better.

Plain text documents and images are best for me if possible.  

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