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12/01/2004 13:11:43   Tom   I use Millers VSP, but has anyone used Shell Millenium and have opinions on it.  
12/01/2004 13:46:55   steve h   If you do a search on the site with the new fancy search facility you find this has been discussed many times before.

I will get in early with my opinion.
Just use ordinary unleaded and check the clearances every few thousand miles. If its and old head, it will have lead memory. It will also probably be in need of new valve seals and a decoke which you can do when the valves eventually burn and need replacement when you convert the head.

So either convert the head now or put the money in a savings acccount and run on unleaded for many happy years till performance falls off beyond your tolerance and do the conversion then. I would suggest the later.  
12/01/2004 13:54:23   Nick   I use the valvemaster with octane booster, discovered it a few years back and never had any problems, even found myself advising a chap with an old MG who was topping up with lead replacement the other more looks in the filling station than he did...ha ha ha!!  
12/01/2004 14:22:26   Tom   I'm converting to unleaded in a few weeks, but just wanted to hear from anyone who has used Shell Millenium.  
12/01/2004 16:47:16   Richard   If you let the valves recess you will have to go to larger valves and different collets (three groove), this lot will cost a fair amount of money. The Saab heads are soft and will recess, I would recommend running millers vsp until you convert. I have used this stuff for years and the valves have not recessed greatly, I drive flat out most of the time (nice driving to work on deserted roads)so the engine gets some stick. I have had the unit apart for a rebuild to GRP 1 spec, so I have had a chance to inspect all the components and there were no signs of the millers or unleaded causing any problems.  

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