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15/01/2004 17:45:27   Iain   I know that minilites are the obvious choice for sports wheels on a 96. But I really like Rostyles (As fitted on '70s MGs etc. I've also seen one on the web fitted with Chromadoros, they looked great...but what did they come off?
What other cars have the same stud spacing and general dimensions as a 96?
15/01/2004 19:59:16   ian   get a grip...whats wrong with minilites or ordinary 2 stroke steels..i have a feeling mgb's are the same...what about a nice set of wires!!  
16/01/2004 07:55:47   Richard   Get some footballs, the best looking wheel ever!  
16/01/2004 11:20:10   Senor Burt   As far as I know, no other car has the same stud pattern as a 96. You'd have to do some adaptation to make other wheels fit.  
20/01/2004 23:09:46   Anton   "...adaptation..." or you can just order some specially made wheels for you only. at least in Russia you can order the wheels of almost any design for any car. they will be made of aluminum or magnesium (? not sure about translation) alloys.  

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