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18/01/2004 16:03:16   John   Had a hard day in a cold street so im using that as my excuse! I have stripped my 96 ready for a re-spray. I neded a new front wind screen rubber so I cut the front screen out. Has anyone ever attempted to remove the rear screen? How did it go and how difficult was it to replace? Should I leave it to the experts?  
18/01/2004 16:06:47   Alec   Its just as easy as the front screen really. I certainly had no problems with mine.  
18/01/2004 19:56:42   ian f   Removal and refitting of the rear screen is straightforward, unlike the weatherstrip which is far more awkward to replace.

You should be able to 'pop' the screen out without destroying the rubber.
19/01/2004 16:48:08   jonny   I have just popped fron and back screens out over the weekend and it was a doddle just took the strips out and pushed out with my feet, again for a respray, can you still get the weatherstrip anywhere?.

19/01/2004 18:31:36   Alec   If you have the later 'plastic chrome strip' insert this is readily available from trim shops. However, if you have the early metal 2 piece strips they are not available - and difficult to get in out out.  
19/01/2004 20:47:36   John   I have the metal 2 piece strips so look forward to re-fitting them, the front strips bent easy . I will try a small amount of rubber grease to ease them back in. Thanks all. I will let you know!  
20/01/2004 21:26:20   john   Will the later plastic chrome strip fit the earlier seals, I wouldnt be too bothered about them not being exactly correct.
21/01/2004 09:44:44   Alec   No, and be careful with the early seals as you can no longer get them. I am not sure if the later seals are still available.  
21/01/2004 13:33:16   ian f   John,

The rubber seals are also different. If you're intending re-using your ali strips you'll need to get the correct seal to replace the front one that was cut up.

An alternative would be to get a pair of later seals, which I imagine are more plentiful and fit plastic inserts.

Anybody got a source for the correct section inserts?
24/01/2004 17:41:25   John G   Too many Johns..I have the ally strips and am using the early rubber..If all goes well I will have a spare set of ally strips as the spare windscreen I accuired had the strips still in place.If I dont muck a set up when re fitting the screen the spares will be up for grabs!  
25/01/2004 21:59:40   simon   It would seem that the screen seals (and any other rubber bits) quite enjoy a low temperature spin in the washing machine. As this rejuvenates their enthusiasm to be plyable and 'rubber like'.
However don't be fooled ~ one would still need an ample application of screen seal (3m make an excellent liquid rubber) to prevent water ingress.  

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