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19/01/2004 13:19:12   John Morgan   I am buying a 96 V4 which was registered in 1973. how can I find out when it was built to see if it qualifies for tax exemption?  
19/01/2004 15:38:55   Alec   the most obviuos isa the chassis number. If it was made in 1972 it will start with 9672.

However, there is still a chance if it starts 9673. As was posted on this board before the chassis number must be before these numbers...

Sweden: 96732001623
Finland: 96736003283
20/01/2004 10:31:09   Alistair   John, if you're a member of the SOC I can send you a letter to confirm (provided your chassis number does indeed indicate manufacture in 1972...) which DVLA will accept. If not, join quickly!!


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