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19/01/2004 14:03:41   Gareth   Hi all,
The starter on my 96 has just packed in. I have had a look and it looks a right pain to change; any tips? please say I dont have to take the engine out!

19/01/2004 15:35:18   Alec   No, you need to jack the engine up slightly on that side and then it will come out from underneath.

The way I personally do it is to remove the solenoid and then the motor (reverse this to fit) and then you don't have to jack the engine. The only problem with this is when you refit it is difficult to hook the solenoid back on. I get round this by threading a piece of string through it first and then just threading it on.
19/01/2004 20:09:36   ian f   Gareth,
You might find it easier to prop up the engine from under the sump with a trolley jack and remove the engine mount (use a a pice of wood to spread the load. When refitting the starter don't forget to refit the wire with the female spade terminal.  
20/01/2004 10:32:30   Alistair   I've always used the method Ian describes, should take no more than about 30 minutes and realy isn't very hard.  
20/01/2004 11:31:15   Senor Burt   You'll need a long extension bar to reach the bolts. I've always used the jack up the engine method.
The V4 starter motor is a fairly simple device and can usually be repaired or reconned.
I'd check whether you're getting power to the solenoid first though. Could just be a dodgy connection.  
20/01/2004 11:56:34   Gareth   Thanks for the help I'll lift the engine with an engine crane and I can check the engine mount at the same time .

Burt:- Yes the solenoid is getting power as the motor does work intermittently but sounds horrible.

I'll let you know how I get on  
20/01/2004 13:37:57   Nick   My starter has started to stick and have been caught out a couple of times and have had to bump start it, not the easiest thing to do on your own with such a heavy car. Any suggestions where the best and cheapest place to get a new or recon starter motor from?  
20/01/2004 19:37:24   Gareth   try highgate recon ones were about 35 I think  
21/01/2004 10:18:06   Senor Burt   Are you sure? That sounds very cheap!  
21/01/2004 12:51:55   Nick   I asked them but they quoted that price for a good second hand unit.  

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