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20/01/2004 21:27:13   john   Can anyone tell me where to find the blue and silver badges for the rear vents?.  
21/01/2004 13:33:42   steve h   The Saab sanctury in Kent used to do these. Try I google search for them (him). I dont know if he is still around.  
21/01/2004 16:14:55   bill rawles   Follow the links from this site to either Motorsport Sweden or Rolfs Spareparts, I can't remember which but one of them does those badges. If you have no luck then try a search for the Finnish SOC, I bought some from them last year. They are the older type of comprising just the word Saab rather than the current Saab Scania logo.  
22/01/2004 10:45:20   Senor Burt   SAAB sanctuary doesn't have a web site, but they are still advertising in the SOC mag.
E-mail me if you want the number.
Highgate or V4 Salvage Co could probably sort you out with used ones.  
22/01/2004 15:48:44   jonny   I tried Highgate but they could not help, when I was looking for a couple a few years back I am sure someone was remanufacturing the all metal two stroke type but cannot remember who.

23/01/2004 08:20:15   Alec   There is someone who has remanugactured the blue ones too but I have been racking my little brain and can't remeber who it is. I do rememeber he was asking an arm and a leg for them though.  
23/01/2004 08:57:39   Nick   I'm sure I saw some on Ebay recently  
24/01/2004 17:32:13   John   Im looking for early badges as well..there is someone in America who advetises compleate V4 sets on ebay,but they are different to the early badges (plastic inset I think)  
13/02/2004 14:31:24   steve h   If you are not an originality anorak and you are into a serious restoration, the car actually looks cleaner if you get rid of them completely and make the cowls smooth. I have and they look great.  
13/02/2004 18:30:45   Alec   I have just had a look on the website, they have some nice cars... check this one out, I believe it has a 16v turbo 2.0 9000 engine in it!
21/02/2004 19:06:44   simon   a/a; click on 'chassis', badges are 7th down on the left of that page.  

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