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06/09/2002 13:39:53   Tom   Can anyone tell me if black carpets were ever used in the 96 V4 cars. If anyone has one, or knows where they can be custom made, i'd appreciate hearing from you.  
06/09/2002 15:59:55   Alec   I am sure they never made black carpets. Light Grey or dark brown yes but not black.
They are however a simple pattern and you could probably cut your own and then have the edges bound.
15/09/2002 14:27:17   bill rawles   I've recently had a set made at coverdale carpets in bolton. They made patterns from my originals and kept the patterns so they could reproduce them for any one else who wants a set. Black is no problem as well as heel mats edging etc They advertise in most issues of practical classics etc or their phone no is 01942 255535 or  
15/09/2002 18:01:57   Alec   Nice one Bill !  
19/09/2002 16:41:47   bill rawles   They have moved recently to Hindley Green near Wigan but the phone no is the same.  
09/10/2002 08:52:59   Tom   Bill that's great. Sorry for delay, but i will certainly call them. Tom  
11/11/2002 16:28:55   bill rawles   Although the carpets are OK I would withdraw the recommendation - They charged me 40 for a set which I consider fair but mysteriously they suddenly cost 75!! which is taking the mick.  

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