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24/01/2004 17:52:29   toby   hi there,can anybody tell me if it is possible to fit chrome bumpers to a late model 96 (1977-80).
IS the solex carb on the late model anygood ?
will a (working) clock from a 1973 96 fit a late model dashboard or is the dash differant.
I have a 1973 96 v4 (tax exempt}with the reg no:TEY 96L that i am breaking for parts,is this reg no worth anything or shall i keep it? any surgestions

25/01/2004 17:31:02   Senor Burt   Chrome bumpers - yes.
Carb - Don't know, but many Webers are a direct fit if it is the twin-choke Solex.
Clock fits where the '96' badge is on the dash. I f that's in the same place then yes.
25/01/2004 21:49:16   simon   That's almost HEY 96! Put it on ya newer model.
As Senor states - it should all swap over without too many troubles ;-)  
26/01/2004 07:49:14   Richard   The solex twin choke is as good as the weber and was the unit used in some of the Saab sport kits.  
26/01/2004 09:36:36   Nick   I fitted a twin choke solex on my 96. I had to have it rebuilt and had lots of problems getting parts for it and it ended up costing me loads. If I had the option I think I would go for a brand new Weber.  
26/01/2004 15:42:13   Alistair   I think the bumper brackets are slightly different between metal & rubber, so you can't just change the bumpers only. The brackets fit to the body in the same way though, so it's still pretty straightforward.

Solex carb is good and I posted a few months back about a chap in the US who has a load of NOS parts for these, just do a search.

Clock is the same fitting.  
26/01/2004 16:37:50   Richard   There is a guy in Sheffield who specialises in old Solex carbs.  
27/01/2004 17:04:17   Richard   This is one to add to the parts links they are a German company and supply parts for the 15 and 17M which uses the V4 engine. You will also see they do rebuild kits for the Solex carb.  

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