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25/01/2004 09:59:06   ian   anyone know what the knack is of re-fitting cable to speedo...took it off to fit brantz computer...which is working fine off speedo drive.. but am having problems turning the black plastic locking ring that holds the cable to the speedo  
25/01/2004 11:55:20   David   make sure the cable is "square" with the speedo; you may have to turn the outer cable in order to align the inner (square) shaft with the speedo input - and push it in as far as it will go. Rotate the black locking ring anti-clockwise until it engages in the lugs; then turn it about 1/4 turn clockwise to lock it (against a spring). Good luck. I've just tried this out a few times on my spare dashboard/cable and it works fine.  
25/01/2004 12:27:12   ian   will give it a try when my osteopath has fixed my neck from this mornings attempts!!!!!!!  
25/01/2004 21:30:09   David   I know the feeling! Taking the driver's seat out might help - just slide it as far forward as it will go and it comes off the rails nicely (you may have to recline the backrest a bit). Not that difficult to get back, either! A good inspection lamp helps, too, as it's a bit dark under there.  
30/01/2004 13:20:35   steve h   Or loosen the speedo from the dash so you can turn it. or take it out and pull the cable through a bit.  
02/02/2004 17:46:04   Alistair   From observation, once you've done this a few times & got the feel for it, you can do it "blind" while sat in the driver's seat. Wonder what happened to that nice low mileage 96 my mate used to have...???!!!  
04/02/2004 13:48:49   steve h   on a limited milage insurance policy are we then Alistair?  
05/02/2004 07:51:25   Richard   Which Brantz have you got Ian? I am looking at getting a Brantz 2 to fit in a friends Imp.  
05/02/2004 18:58:04   ian   bought a twin from a mate...brand new with speedo drive etc......fitted and working...very easy to calibrate and fit..its the only one for historics...i have a halda twin in 2 stroke but they are very expensive...a brantz will cost you about 160 around  
05/02/2004 22:00:04   James Ayres   Forgive my ignorance, but what does this 'Brantz' thing do?  
06/02/2004 07:16:22   ian   it measures ditance accurately...can be calibrated from measured mile....two distance redouts which can be zeroed seperately  
06/02/2004 07:43:27   Richard   The Imp will be a stage car to run in the formula 1000 and other tarmac events, so I have sent off for a Brantz pro 2, second hand 60 with wheel sensor.
06/02/2004 14:01:22   steve h   Or you can get a bike computer for 14.99. It does exactly the same plus average speed, max speed, trip distance, trip time (pulse rate and estimated calories used)
You just have to think of a clever way to mount it and light the display up at night. White LED would be the way.
Not original I know, but there might be a way of doing this without it looking Heath Robinson. I have been toying with the idea for years.  
06/02/2004 17:21:22   ian   a bit illegal that if it gives your average speed...i can hear the protests now!!  
09/02/2004 12:47:17   Richard   Have it in watch form and plug yourself in, they will think you are charging your batteries.
It does show just how much of a mark up you can make. Now if I get the old man to design one and my friends electronics company to make it....... We could call it the 'Bart pro 15 wigit'.  

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