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27/01/2004 07:43:49   vlad   Hi, I would like to know, if control arm bushings (upper and lower) from 900 I. can be used instead originals for 96 V4.
Thanks for advice  
27/01/2004 13:42:17   steve h   Whats wrong with new original bushes?

Would the 900 ones be an improvement?  
28/01/2004 08:54:24   vlad   no, not at all, but my dealer has only for 900 on the stock now and he sais, that is the same, another number only.  
29/01/2004 10:06:17   Alistair   I'm pretty sure V4 ball joints are different from 900.  
29/01/2004 10:06:52   Alistair   Hang on, just read this properly and I believe I've been a muppet, ignore previous post!!  
29/01/2004 17:51:32   Alec   No problem Kermit... We all have a little bit of Muppet about us...  
29/01/2004 18:42:39   Alistair   Gribbit  
30/01/2004 07:49:09   miss piggy   Mowa, Kermy baby  
30/01/2004 13:08:23   steve h   Now then children

Try Highgates. I got mine form them and they are only small so postage is not an issue.  
01/02/2004 13:36:37   Tom   Can anyone tell me if a complete set of rubber bushings for the V4 is available. I have 'knock' on rough surfaces despite suspention and balljoints being new.  

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