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27/01/2004 11:35:04   john belgium   I was thinking of removing the bumpers of my 96 to achieve a more sporty look, like the way klaus has done in the gallery. I want to know if this process is reversable. what i mean is when you take the bumpers off, can you remove the brackets they bolt to without cutting them off?  
27/01/2004 12:25:22   jonny   Yes, no problem, I was quite taken by that picture myself and was thinking of doing the same.

27/01/2004 12:55:46   Alec   The car I crashed (see the gallery) I had with no bumpers - it is a mean look.  
27/01/2004 13:36:01   steve h   Taking the bumpers off is easy and the brackets unbolt from the from and rear bulkheads.

Be careful though as the car becomes very prone to parking damage without them and rear light lenses especially are becoming like gold dust.  
27/01/2004 14:18:56   Nick   I removed the bumpers on an old mark 1 escort years back and it did look mean. I even went as far as to fill in all the holes and de-badge it too. I did suffer quite badly from parking damage by other inconsiderate drivers so wouldn't do it again.
I did have the idea of welding the corner sections to the main part of the bumper, smoothing the welds out, welding the mounting bolts to the inside of the bumper and having the whole lot chromed.....seen this done on VW Beetles and it looked pretty cool! I would like to see a 96 customised like they do some of the old American, de-badging, twin chrome side pipes, lowered etc about a big supercharger popping out of the bonnet!!........gotta stop drinking so much coffee  
27/01/2004 15:33:12   bill rawles   Take a look at my car in the gallery too. I've used some fairly simple and home made brackets to mount spotlights on the front and bumper over-riders on the back. I reckon it looks a whole lot better than just leaving the holes open.  
27/01/2004 15:48:49   john belgium   i rarely leave my car on the street so i'll take the risk on the parking damage. but i'm glad its reversable as i would prefer to return the car to normal some day. my high gate twin pipes should look good without the bumpers too! hurrah!  
27/01/2004 15:50:30   john belgium   nice car bill! BTW. sell me you alloys! ;-)  
27/01/2004 16:37:35   Richard   You could do a 1/4 bumper like the Saab 92 using the old brackets and some bumper ends.  
28/01/2004 18:26:16   John G   T bars look minimal and prevent some of the damage...I had some on a beetle back in the 80s. Stopped a mk3 escort destroying my engine when he failed to notice I had stopped...did his car no good at all! No sharp edges though as mr MOT wont like it.  
29/01/2004 08:58:51   john belgium   I'll mot it first! then see how i get on.  
30/01/2004 13:15:26   steve h   Bill,

I have just had a look at your car in the gallery. What's will all the plumbing under the bonnet. Dry sump?  
31/01/2004 15:41:42   bill rawles   Nothing that exotic!! The heater pipes are a bit chunkier than standard just because it was the size of pipe my local motor factor had in stock when I needed to replace them. There is also a couple of extra pipes from the rocker box breathers into a catch tank and then venting in an environmentaly friendly way into the atmosphere - its a pain trying to fit the breathers into a K&N filter.  
31/01/2004 19:40:27   ian f   Bill,

Can you tell us more about the catch tank?  
01/02/2004 16:25:56   bill rawles   Widely available from the likes of Demon Tweeks or Europa Spares. They are the same diameter as a coke can but a bit longer, two short pipes are welded in to them to connect rubber hoses onto, one for in, one for out. Your breather pipes route into the catch tank (instead of back into the carb) so that any oil drops, water condensation, excess fuel from cold starting etc is held inside the tank while the fumes can be vented away. Every now and then you need to drain the oily muck out of the tank via a little drain plug that is fitted for the purpose. The carb runs a whole lot cleaner because you are not feeding it with oil fumes and as I mentioned above its easier than trying to fit breathers into a K&N.  
02/02/2004 13:23:24   steve h   Bill

And could please tell us more obout the environmentally friend way the fumes are then vented?  
02/02/2004 16:39:22   Richard   Basically the top of the can will have vent holes and sometimes a drain is in the bottom to remove any oil. On a highly tuned engine oil venting through the filter or into the manifold can cause pinking. I do the same thing with my modified engines and weld larger dia tubes on to the rocker covers as the original dia were designed for a vacuum.  

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