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27/01/2004 13:01:23   Alec   I am getting my brake calipers reconditioned soon and went to take them off the night before last. One side went reasonably OK with the lower bolt putting up a bit of a struggle. The other side didn't...

Got to the lower bolt and it was not having it. I heated it and did many other things which ended up in a rounded head with no grip left, don't you just love it when that happens.

My friend is coming round with his MIG welder on wednesday night so I can mig a nut onto the end of it for round two.

27/01/2004 13:29:17   steve h   Drilling out works as well.

Been there; done that  
27/01/2004 15:37:13   bill rawles   It's worth investing in a set of sockets that drive on the flats of a bolthead or nut rather than the corners. It's impossible to round off a nut with these and combined with a long breaker bar you should be able to overcome pretty much anything (or you will shear it off!!!)  
27/01/2004 17:10:22   Alistair   They can be right barstewards, eh?  
27/01/2004 17:40:50   Alec   Yeah, I want a set of those metrinch sockets when I see them.  
30/01/2004 13:17:20   steve h   I presume you have tryed mole grips and a rubber hammer?  
30/01/2004 17:24:09   Alec   Yeah, not much room for molegrips on the bottom bolt though.  
03/02/2004 15:27:57   Alec   My new calipers have arrived and I should be sorting this out soon. Another issue I have is that you can no longer get the locking strip for the bolts (that you bend over). In the past I have fabricated this from some tin but I was wondering about just using some thread-lock on the bolts.
Has anyone got any comments on this?  
03/02/2004 16:05:46   Alistair   I think you'd struggle at MOT time if you just use thread-lock, the tester will want to see something physical.  
03/02/2004 17:48:38   john   Alex, Highgate managed to sort these out for me cheaply last month as well as some decent second hand bolts, I have have done discs on both cars recently and it was a real pain, I have done without the locking tabs in the past with no ill effects, however given the hassle of getting the bolts off I would try and make something up I think I would avoid loctite or anything else that would make the bolts more of a pain to come off.  
03/02/2004 18:34:20   Alec   To be honest, one side did not have the locking tabs on, from last time they were off. I may just do without all together.  
05/02/2004 07:54:55   Richard   If one comes out the caliper will spin round and lock into the wheel and jamming it, not too good if you are going at speed.  
05/02/2004 22:21:05   simon   Dear Alec,
Would you please share with us the details of/for the caliper reconditioner? Thank you :)  
06/02/2004 08:18:19   Alec   I managed to buy reconditioned calipers from my local motor factor. They work out about 65 per side all in and are exchange.
When I looked at the first 2 they sent, one was great but the other had a lot of play in it and the pin replacements looked rubbish. they got me another one no problem though.
The units have had all the springs and spring pins replaced, new pistons/seals and have been galvanised.
06/02/2004 10:45:08   Alistair   Agree with Rich. I wouldn't be too happy not having the lock tabs, they aren't there just for show. But as you say Alec, all you really need is to cut some thin steel or ally to make your own up.  
06/02/2004 18:16:21   simon   Thank you Alec,
Did they come back with a Budvig, or another, re-conditioners tab hooked over the bleed nipples?
PS: Alistair - not too sure about the words 'thin' or 'ally' in relation to the locks :)  
06/02/2004 19:46:16   Alec   No they didn't Simon, why do you ask?  
06/02/2004 21:58:49   simon   Hello Alec, In the past I have bought recon calipers for my classic Benzzzz and these came back with Budvig 'labels' (tabs) attached. An amazing recon, really tidy, cadnium plated, perfect! I was hoping that Budvig were / are also doing Saab calipers?  

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