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27/01/2004 17:07:06   Alistair   Practical Classics are looking for a ground-up rebuild story for a V4 or 2 stroke, to include full photographic history.

Anyone have a story to tell, or know of someone who does?  
27/01/2004 17:18:20   Senor Burt   They can cover my rebuild if they like. I've got plenty of pics of the disassembly stage. Now I just need to put it back together......  
27/01/2004 19:42:15   jake   i've got pics of my car in just enough detail to show how rusty they can be and to add to the interest the yellow on my car is plastic coating so they might think thats novel they can take the pics of the gallery if they want i also have a lot of pics of the panels i've made to repair this car and other saabs iv'e worked on, you can be my agent jake  
28/01/2004 07:58:54   Richard   Maybe the guy with the blue V4 that won the concourse at the Ruby would be a good bet.
My photo's on my rebuild are not good enough for a mag and I still have the brakes and some head scratching on how to get some filters onto the carbs that clear the bonet and dont set on fire when the engine starts up.  
29/01/2004 10:09:55   Alistair   Jake - thanks for the offer I'll suggest this, but I think they are looking for a car that is more original in appearance.
Rich - good plan, I'll find out who he was (you'd think I should know!)  
29/01/2004 10:17:03   Senor Burt   I'm sure my 95 won't be very original in appearance either.  
29/01/2004 10:37:30   Alistair   Looks like they're doing one of Ken Dover's cars and also a bit on one of Dave Barrow's.  
29/01/2004 10:40:17   Alistair   Rich, Jake & Burtie Boy - they did express an interest in doing a modified Saab in the future...  
29/01/2004 16:41:32   Richard   Which bit on Dave's, like how to repair a stoved in roof, bonet or door.  
29/01/2004 17:49:47   Alec   Alistair, perhaps you could put a plug in for this site!  
29/01/2004 18:42:13   Alistair   Good point, Alec, I should have thought of that when I spoke to him. Will drop him a note...  
30/01/2004 07:52:53   Richard   They tend to do a feature on modified cars, picking one model and showing about four to five cars of various states of tune from std to the wild.  

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