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29/01/2004 21:16:02   Rob   Could anyone tell me the tyre pressures for a V4 Saab running 165's on standard rims.
A basic question I know, but I'm new to Saab motoring.
30/01/2004 00:42:44   Alistair   Opinions are often divided on this topic but somewhere between 28 and 30psi all round is a good bet.  
30/01/2004 07:47:28   Richard   If you go to the home page and use the search type in 'tyre pressure' and you should get a load of info on what people run.
This search is one of the best new functions on this site, well done Alec.  
30/01/2004 08:22:04   Alec   Yeah, not bad for a freebie bit of code (thanks Google). I shall be archiving some of the old discussions into a seperate area soon as the backend database is getting a little large, and then put some sort of search on them.  
03/02/2004 07:21:25   ian   always run the rears about 5 psi lower than fronts....fronts 28-32ish...i used trial and error  
03/02/2004 13:21:53   simon   Interesting Ian, I'll give it a go.
I have previously run at 32 all round - aut, winter, spring & 30psi (measured at night) during summer.  
03/02/2004 16:04:35   Alistair   Like I said, opinions divided.... ;-)  
05/02/2004 07:57:03   Richard   Different tyres respond to different pressures, but if you stick within the above mentioned pressures you should be fine.  

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