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05/02/2004 13:03:35   dhpaul   I have two possibly related problems.
1. The oil pressure light has stopped coming on when I turn the ignition on. If I take the wire off the sensor and earth it and then turn ignition on it lights up. Does this mean the sensor is faulty?
2. The temperature gauge also is not registering at all now. I tried earthing the wire similarly, as the manual suggests that then the gauge should move to H with the ignition on, but the gauge didn't move. Does this mean the gauge or sensor is faulty?
The engine runs ok, has oil and water! I took the instrument out, checked bulbs and conections, all looked ok. The fuel gauge and battery light work fine.
Any help appreciated  
05/02/2004 13:57:55   James Ayres   Oil pressure light, sounds like the sensor. Temperature gauge, gauge sounds knackered. New sensor and new Temperature gauge is probably the best course of action...  
06/02/2004 10:42:14   Alistair   I'd concur with that, but check wiring to & on back of temp gauge first. If not connected properly, or broken somewhere, even earthing the wire at the transmitter end won't result in any movement...  

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