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07/02/2004 17:18:06   David Jones   Does anyone know where I could get repair panels for the above?Highgate have apparently stopped selling them.  
07/02/2004 18:45:17   John G   Look on ebay..someone in the U.S. sells them but none at the moment.  
09/02/2004 07:49:06   Richard   They are a load of cxxp and not up to the job, which could be the reason you can not get any. You are better fabrication the area up yourself along with the bracket that goes under the panel.  
11/02/2004 18:26:43   David Jones   Rolf's spare parts (on the links page) do some repair panels.I'm waiting for pictures to check them out.Motorsport Sweden probably do something in this line as well.  
13/02/2004 14:22:43   steve h   I would agree with richard and so did the welder I gave them too. I ended up returning the ones I had and the welder formed his own to suit each side. That was 10 years ago and they have been fine since for the last 50k miles.
Make sure you go to good welder/are good at welding yourself as I have seen several botch up plates that have unpoped within months.  
19/02/2004 11:50:27   Tom   I had a pair made by an auto genius in Sheffield. They will never fail.  

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