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07/02/2004 18:35:45   andy   Hi, I wanna fit an electric fuel pump to my 96,to help starting and running, anyone done so and which pump do you recomend?  
09/02/2004 07:56:09   Richard   You are only saving on turning the engine over a couple of times to get fuel up to the carb, which will probably try to pump some oil round the engine before starting anyway.
If it being a pig to start the chances are its carb, timing or ignition related.
Otherwise you can fit a facet pump and filter king pressure regulator/filter, this is the most popular choice.
Position the pump low down and not in a hot place.  
09/02/2004 20:35:52   jake   what about an old morris minor pump it sat in the engine bay and draws the petrol to it and feeding to a carburetor it will have a low presure tolerance and should not force the fuel past the floats into the carb or an old early mini one it sat at the back and was similar exept it pushed the fuel to the front i also thought the pump from a subaru sumo van would be a possable one it also feeds a carb and is very compact the, pressure is the thing fuel injection pumps are to high and need to be regulated richard is right the couple of turns before the engine starts is pobably the life saver to an engine that has stood for a while as my car does all the time a.t.b jake  
10/02/2004 07:50:46   Richard   Are they the old SU electric pumps in the morris and mini? My friend runs one in his Imp and that seems OK.  

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