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13/09/2002 21:24:32   john wyatt   Myself and a few other guys in the ediburgh lothian area have 96's on the go at present are there many other 96 users in Scotland?, I know of about 5 other 96's in use in Scotland  
04/09/2003 16:39:07   John Hansen   Here's one (just begun restoring a V4 - not driving yet) in Glasgow.
Was a fanatic years ago and still have a few parts for a LHD 6volt 93B to prove it.
Anyone need any ?
Starter motor (the pull the cable one, without a relay)? Dynamo ? Misc. trim rubbers ? Water valve.
There's a set of spare wheels with studded tyres too somewhere.  
05/09/2003 00:57:05   Alistair   I have about 25 96s and 7 95s on the SOC membership database in Scotland, though not all are registered with me and the info may be out of date.  

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