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08/02/2004 23:09:19   ian f   Has anyone got a source for the seals that fit either side of the front panel?

Failing that, has anyone got a spare pair that they'd like to sell - they needn't be pristine.

09/02/2004 09:19:02   Alec   Possible Woolies may do something like this..  
09/02/2004 20:17:28   jake   hi ian i fitted a thin rubber draught excluder it has a sticky back and does the job very well indeed and being stuck to the front wings they don't move around so don't chaf the paintwork i still have some i think, i'll look for some for you if you can't get the right one which i think shrinks after a time a.t.b jake  
10/02/2004 08:56:33   Alec   They do shrink in time, like the rubber behind the chrome door strip. My trick with that is to put them in the oven at about 80-90C, get them nice and warm and then gently stretch them out and hold them like this until they cool.

If you are careful this can be very successful.  
10/02/2004 13:01:35   ian f   Thanks for your suggestions.

Has anyone tried using rear light gaskets? The profile's not far off the panel seals, so I might have a go at heating one as per Alec's suggestion to see if it can be straightened.  
11/02/2004 08:27:57   Alec   I have tried that without success, you just can't get the bends out.  
11/02/2004 11:40:27   simon   I have utilised the rear side windows rubber, which cushions the glass to the steel frame with ok results.
In doing so used the verticle part of this frame as a strong and pre-drilled battery strap (along with threaded rods from a 900 battery holder).  
11/02/2004 20:33:02   john   I have used a piece of rubber from the door trim which grips the stainless steel, cut down the middle this seems to fit really well  

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