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12/02/2004 08:59:12   Bonzo   I've been offered a V4 which has suffered from tin worm attack in several places. Most are cosmetic, but the A-pillar on both sides are decidedly ropey. The support for the door hinges is not very strong and the doors are showing signs of sagging. Is there any (easy) way to repair these. Also the vertical panel in the boot rising from the top of the rear wheel arch to the underside of the rear screen surround is thin. Can this be cut out and replaced?  
12/02/2004 11:01:05   Nesnah   The tin worm got mine (72 96) too, but sounds like different areas.
I have now stripped it down completely so the shell stands bare outside to be cut into haulable chunks for the dump.
(All the bits piled in garage)

Would be happy to cut out any chunks you'd like.  
12/02/2004 12:30:35   Richard   If its round the hinges then remove the front wing to aid access to the metal work that the hinges bolt to. The Saab pillar starts at the air box area, the metal work below this is only there for the hinges to mount to, so should be easy to repair. Make sure the hinges end up back in the correct place.
Yes this area can be cut out and replaced, one tip is to remove the head-lining locally in the area as it will go up in flames it a spark from a angle grinder hits it.  
12/02/2004 12:31:51   Richard   Ok the second paragraph is answering the 'boot area' question.  
12/02/2004 18:21:16   Alistair   Not heard of anyone doing major surgery on the a-pillars, in the past this has tended to be pretty terminal.  
13/02/2004 07:45:09   Richard   Alister, I think it is the area below the A piller as the Saab's real structural A piller starts at the air box unlike most cars. The area that the hinges mount to is one thick piece of sheet steel.  
13/02/2004 14:20:32   Alistair   Fair point. If it's just the area you desribe I agree. But I have seen them occasionally go really badly in structural areas when water gets in through the air vent/windscreen seal and that is well tricky to repair. How extensive is the damage, Bonzo?  
15/02/2004 14:02:29   Bonzo   Let's just say that by the time the pillar gets to the sill, it's more aspiration than structure. In the meantime, I've had weldor look at it and he is currently looking to book a holiday in Goa from the procceds. I've decided to let this one pass. Thanks for all the help, guys.  

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